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Choleslo maybe your answer to lowering your total cholesterol levels without all the harmful side effects of statin drugs.


A Choleslo Enthusiast

Hi my name is Robert and at the time of this writing I am 59 years old. A little over a year ago my doctor recommended that I start taking a cholesterol lowering drug because my total cholesterol was 232.

About 2-1/2 months after starting taking the prescribed drug I went on a family vacation to Washington, DC. Normally I am very energetic and do not tire easily. But on this vacation I couldn’t keep up with my wife or daughter as we visited all the monuments and museums. By the end of the day I was completely exhausted and had considerable body pain.

After returning home I got worse. I began having muscle cramps, my joints hurt and I could just barely climb a flight of stairs. My quality of life was miserable. So after being on the cholesterol medication for 3 months I made an appointment with my doctor to let him know I wasn’t going to continue taking his prescription. He did not think that was a good idea and didn’t offer any other alternatives. While there his nurse took my blood for testing.

Two days later his nurse, Patty, called me informing me that the doctor wanted to see me that very day. Although it was not convenient for me I went in that same afternoon. When my doctor came into the examining room he said “Robert I have some really bad news. I think you have liver cancer!”

I asked him why he thought that and he replied that my lab results showed my liver lipids were the worst he had ever seen in about 30 years of practice. He wanted to immediately schedule me for a liver scan. I told him “Hold on. I think the only problem is that I can’t take what you prescribed.” He said that he did not believe that and you need to make this appointment now.

I asked him “How long before all the traces of the statin drug are out of my body?” He answered, about two weeks. I said let’s make an appointment to take blood work again in 2 weeks. He continued by saying I needed to make the appointment for a liver scan immediately. I then asked him “Doctor if I really do have liver cancer will I have a different end result if we confirm that today or in another two weeks?” He replied… No.

So for the next two weeks I was concerned about having liver cancer even though I did not believe that but I began feeling better and my muscle pain was going away. Two and a half weeks later my lab results showed a perfectly healthy liver profile and confirmed I could not take a prescribed statin cholesterol medication.

Six months later I was turned down for a new medical insurance coverage because my total cholesterol was over 250. That was when I began looking for a way to safely lower my total cholesterol levels. After many hours of research online I decided to give Choleslo a try because of their 200% money back guarantee. I thought if works great and if it doesn’t I am going to ask for my money back.

After 2 months of taking two tablets of Choleslo 2 times a day my total cholesterol has dropped 76 points to 181. All without changing my diet (I already eat well) or any more exercise (I work out for about 4o minutes a day 5 days a week) and without any side effects at all.

I am extremely pleased with my results using Choleslo. Hopefully it will help you too! No matter what with Dr. Sam’s guarantee you have nothing to lose by trying it and perhaps a longer life if you do.

Go ahead test drive CholesLo for yourself. I know you will be glad you did.

Best of luck,


CholesLo… Is How I lowered My Total Cholesterol From 257 to 181 In 60 Days!

I discovered an exciting solution for people searching for a natural approach to safely and quickly lower their total cholesterol.

A doctor named Dr. Sam developed an effective and now proven way to reduce total cholesterol because his parents could not take traditional statin drugs. His amazing product is called Choleslo.

According to Dr. Sam this product is safe and a natural approach to a healthy cholesterol profile.

His product lowers fatty triglycerides, optimizes your HDL/LDL ratios, helps clean and restore your liver, reduces your homocysteine levels and reduces body inflammation.

Dr. Sam has been helping people lower their high cholesterol for over 7 years all without side effects.

Are you on a statin drug and experiencing any of these side effects?

  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Tire Easily
  • Inability to Exercise
  • Horrible Liver Lab Results

If you are on a statin drug and experiencing any of the above there is something you need to know… You are not alone; many people suffer these debilitating side effects. But now you don’t have to.

Here are some quick facts about Choleslo:

Choleslo price $49.99
  • It has hundreds of positive customer reviews.
  • Choleslo contains only organic herbs, amino acids, and vitamins.
  • Choleslo has been used as an effective alternative to prescription statin drugs.
  • Choleslo is backed by over 67 years of clinical research.
  • All of the ingredients used in Choleslo are recommended by the American Institute of Heart Disease.
  • Best of all you can try Choleslo risk free because Dr. Sam offers a 200% money back guarantee!

After you decide to buy CholesLo please come back here to post your results from using it. I’d love to hear how it made a positive impact on your life.

Thank you for stopping by.

Best of luck,


Choleslo a Unique Lipid Optimizing System

Here are some of the key ingredients in Choleslo and what they do:

  • Sytrinol – helps reduce total cholesterol up to 35%, LDL cholesterol up to 27% and total triglycerides up to 34% in as little as 3 months.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 – is critical to protect and in creating energy with in the heart itself.
  • Policosanol – is derived from sugar cane and has been shown to normalize cholesterol and helps to normalize blood sugar levels.
  • Garlic – helps protect the arterial lining against oxidation and helps to reduce LDL oxidation.
  • Red Yeast Rice – is very important for reducing the production of cholesterol by the liver. It does this by blocking a key enzyme in the liver itself.
  • Pantesin – has been shown to significantly lower serum cholesterol levels and increase HDL levels.
  • Guggulsterones – studies show it decreases total serum cholesterol, lowers triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol within 4 weeks.
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract – has a favorable effect in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Phytosterols – is a plant sterol that blocks you body’s ability to absorb cholesterol from the foods you eat.

This is not a complete list of Choleslo ingredients nor is it meant to be an extensive review of each key ingredient. The purpose of this article is to give a lay man’s overview of some of the key ingredients in Choleslo and what they do to help you lower your cholesterol.

To review all the Choleslo ingredients visit the official CholesLo website.

Wishing you the best of health,


Benefits of Choleslo

Here are five quick benefits of using Choleslo:

Choleslo is clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels without any change in your diet or your exercise routine.

Choleslo improves your HDL/HDL ratios in addition to lowering your total cholesterol.

Choleslo helps to reduce homocystein levels thus reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

Choleslo contains ingredients that help cleanse and detoxify the liver for improved liver function and healthier cholesterol levels.

Choleslo also helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Does Choleslo work?

Well Choleslo has hundreds of product reviews from people who continue using the product. For me Choleslo was the answer to lowering my total cholesterol 76 points in 60 days without all the harmful side effects of statin drugs.

To learn more about the benefits of CholesLo visit Dr. Sam’s website now.

Wishing you the best of health,



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